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#FannishCV playlist liner notes

Awhile back i started putting together a Spotify playlist of songs from fanvids i like. It might have been right after a WisCon when i wanted to keep the good vibes going. Or maybe it was the year we skipped WisCon. At any rate, listening to the playlist invariably perks me up and helps me power thru’ an afternoon. When recently asked me to share the playlist with her, i realized that Spotify lacked a marginalia feature. Herewith, the annotated companion to my #FannishCV playlist.…

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my insightful film critique is not welcome

Talking with Mathew at his birthday party the other week.  He mentioned “Brian’s Song”. me:  “Oh, yeah, hey i finally got around to watching that last autumn.  As the credits rolled at the end i thought to myself, ‘Oh, i see, it’s just “Kamikaze Girls“, but with boys, and with football instead of scooters.’” Mathew:  …  “Well, thanks, now i can never watch ‘Brian’s Song’ again.” Here, i’ll make it up to you!  Have the song from the “Kamikaze Girls” end credits.  :D

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