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Vote! Which button should go on this jacket?

I bought this jacket at Goodwill last summer.  The bottom button was missing when i looked at it in the store (and there were no spare buttons discreetly sewn into any of the inside seams), but i also immediately realized the solution to the problem: the button sewn above the upper left pockt could be moved to the bottom of the placket, and a different, decorative button sewn in its place. Which created a new problem for me: What fancy button should i use??? I…

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cast on, cast off

Saw my knitting group thursday night after a 2-month absence and found myself thinking knitting all weekend.  I came up with a few ideas to use up yarn i bought back in the spring when a friend was closing up her spinning business, so tonight i decided to start something1. I have no earthly idea why i do this to myself.  I almost always have to cast on 2x.  Tonight i thought i was doing pretty well after the 2nd cast-on, except then i discovered…

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sewing: So easy MEN can do it

A few years ago i found this book, copyright 1967, at a used bookstore:  Coats & Clark’s Sewing Book: Newest Methods from A to Z. It’s by the Educational Bureau of Coats & Clarks, which in itself is amazing enough.  A sewing notions manufacturer with its own educational bureau??  You know that shit got axed in the ’80s. The information inside is useful enough.  But the most amazing thing about this (thank god i found it used) find?  It has a thoroughly condescending introduction.  Which…

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