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the great @lizhenry on WisCon Dudes

Andy and i were discussing Yet Another Heinous WisCon Situation tonight.  He ultimately exclaimed, “What is it with certain WisCon conversations where A Dude seems to always think he knows better??” “Well,” i said, “it’s exactly like Liz Henry said during the convention….” Oh i’m in the presence of greatness i think i’ll open my fool mouth “So Many WisCon Dudes” <— why why why — Liz Henry (@lizhenry) May 25, 2014 I need this to be a sticker that i can affix to my…

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living in the patriarchy

I continue to live within patriarchal systems, tho’ some have tried to persuade me patriarchy is long dead. One of the effects of patriarchy that i live with on a regular basis is the condescension of men who are convinced of my complete insignificance and of their absolute rightness — even in the face of evidence to the contrary.  An example: Me:  It sure is lovely outside. Your average middle-aged middle class white dude:  Yes, the forecast said it should get up as high as…

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readings from the week — 2012-1-14

women on book covers Jim C. Hines: “Striking a Pose (Women and Fantasy Covers)”. A while back, we had a discussion on the blog about the cover art for my princess novels. For the most part, I really like these covers, but they’re not perfect. Now I could talk about the way women are posed in cover art … or I could show you. I opted for the latter, in part because it helped me to understand it better. I expected posing like Danielle to…

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