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2nd tomatoes of the season [+photo]
chris. | 20 August 2014 | 2:59 pm | (garden) 2014, Upstairs Farm | Only Pings

tomatoes -- hahms gelbe

These are “hahms gelbe topftomate”.  I bought the seeds from Gayla at You Grow Girl early last year, i believe.

These are really compact and work great in containers.  They were also super delicious.  Definitely going to grow them again next year, and may even try to grow some starts for a coworker who likes to grow tomatoes in the tiny space available to her at her condo.  She’s found that non-red varieties last well because passers-by think they’re not ripe and so don’t pick them. :) Heh.

1st Japanese cucumber of the season [+photo]
chris. | 2 June 2014 | 12:13 pm | (garden) 2014, Upstairs Farm | Only Pings

I’m impressed.  I bought this plant as a start from a farmer at the market about 3 weeks ago.  By the time i left for WisCon (about 2 weeks ago) it had this tiny little fruit on it.  While i was gone we had cool, rainy weather.  Since i’ve been back we’ve had warm, sunny weather.  Apparently this is how you make a little cucumbers into big ones.  And i have at least 2 more blossoms turning into little cucumbers already.



in case you were wondering what 17.5oz of homegrown shiitake looks like
chris. | 10 February 2014 | 5:55 pm | (garden) 2014, food, Upstairs Farm | Only Pings

bowl of homegrown shiitake mushrooms

So this particular shiitake block has been pleasantly productive.  We bought it last saturday, it had started sprouting even before i put it in my growing box on tuesday, and now here we are with over a pound of mushrooms.  Andy’s turning some of them into risotto even as i type this.

I grew Andy his own Totoro umbrella {slide}
chris. | 4 January 2013 | 8:02 pm | slide carousel, Upstairs Farm | Comments closed


That’s actually a shiitake mushroom. Looks like a freakin’ pancake.

lemon harvest {slide}
chris. | 30 December 2012 | 6:59 pm | slide carousel, Upstairs Farm | 2 Comments


I bought an improved Meyer lemon tree back in the spring. This is what it’s produced for its 1st harvest — about 1.7 pounds of lemons of various sizes. I didn’t want to pull them all off at once, but it seemed like the best thing to do since i wanted to wipe down the whole tree to deal with some bug problem it’s been having. UGH.

cabbage, squash, yogurt cheese
chris. | 24 August 2012 | 10:19 pm | Upstairs Farm | 3 Comments

Did a very satisfying clean-out of the crisper drawers tonight.

squash:  Andy found a pickling recipe he wanted to try.  He also cut some into rounds, sprinkled them with seasoning, and threw them into the dehydrator.  We’ll see what comes of either of these experiments.  Neither of us particularly care for summer squash, so it’s a race every summer to find ways to use them before they rot.

We still have probably 6 patty-pans to dispense with.  I may succeed in talking Andy into trying squash tamales or burritos or something.  Been looking for an excuse to get him to try tamales for awhile now.

yogurt:  I had 2 jars kicking around the fridge for a little too long, so i set a strainer over a bowl and put it into the fridge.  Should have cheese tomorrow.  May also pick up more milk at the market to make fresh yogurt, and possibly some fresh paneer.  Haven’t done homemade paneer in awhile.

cabbage:  I’m trying my hand at sauerkraut.  Again.  After shredding, had about a pound of cabbage (fresh as of tuesday!) so sprinkled it with a little less than a tablespoon of kosher salt.  Packed it into my crock and weighted it.  We’ll see how this goes.  Every year i try cabbage, and every year i mess it up somehow.

I think next i’ll try turning my cabbage into kimchi.