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education, teachers, & the effect of poverty

From the Seattle Times’s Pacific Northwest magazine for yesterday: “What’s the matter with teachers today?”  A long, interesting piece about K-12 education that asks the question, “Teaching is one of the most criticized jobs in America. What’s up with that?” Naturally, these paragraphs jumped out at me: And [teachers] also hate that, outside of the teachers lounge, they can’t raise the problem of poverty without being branded an excuse-maker. They consider poverty the elephant in the room. Not an excuse but a reality that affects…

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learning — chore or game?

I’ve been searching for games for my beloved cell phone1 because sometimes i want a way to pass the time that’s a little more brain-intensive than Solitaire but slightly less concentration-focused than writing a zine article.  Ideally i’d like some sort of educational games2 — perhaps a math game, since my goal this summer is returning my math skills to a respectable level. Do you know how hard it is to find educational games geared toward adult learners?  Apparently i get chess or sudoku.  All…

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