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zine cataloging backlog {slide}

So i may have fallen a little behind in cataloging my incoming zines.  What pushed me over the edge into organizing everything so that the cataloger (aka ) can get to cataloging was finding my stack of zines from Portland Zine Symposium … 2011.  [facepalm]  OOPS.  Most of which i’d already read because i’ve usually read all my new zines by the time the train gets back into Seattle post-Symposium.  BUT STILL.  These things need to be cataloged so that (a) they can be neatly…

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new zine!! or maybe … TWO new zines??

Hooray!!  The big ol’ zine on gender that and i have been working on for the past month is finally ready.  It’s debuting right dang now  at the Crabby Media table at the Portland Zine Symposium.  I am so proud of this zine — it really came together well, writing/thinking-wise and even layout/printing-wise.  Please buy a copy!  Yes, if you’re not in Portland this weekend it will be for sale at the Crabby Media website by the time i go to bed wednesday (8/15) night. …

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in which my paper-hoarding problem becomes apparent

I like paper.  I’ve always liked paper and creating things with paper.  When i unpacked a moving box the other year, i found a little kid’s briefcase i had when i was, well, a little kid.  When i opened it, there was still some papercraft project inside.  It’s probably older than my spouse. The other year, it became obvious that the disarray of my paper and rubber stamps was threatening to overwhelm the study, so we bought a nice 6-drawer rolling organizer from Ikea.  Everything…

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