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living in the patriarchy

I continue to live within patriarchal systems, tho’ some have tried to persuade me patriarchy is long dead. One of the effects of patriarchy that i live with on a regular basis is the condescension of men who are convinced of my complete insignificance and of their absolute rightness — even in the face of evidence to the contrary.  An example: Me:  It sure is lovely outside. Your average middle-aged middle class white dude:  Yes, the forecast said it should get up as high as…

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looks like i’m getting an Android phone after all — talk to me about apps

I have an enormous rant to make about what an awful process it’s been to switch cell phones, but i’ll make that its own post.  I didn’t even want to stop using my old cell phone, but it is a nearly-5-year-old smartphone and she’s starting to slow down a bit.  Rest well, mighty Pigwidgeon! So Andy and i switched back to Credo Mobile1, which means we’re both going to be using Android phones now because apparently smartphones don’t actually come in “we’ll leave you alone…

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in which Pigwidgeon suffers a case of Redmond Bloat

I’ve been getting “storage memory is critically low” error messages on my phone the past day.  Pigwidgeon is a refurbished HTC TyTN (i.e., AT&T 8525), so while i’ve had her 3+ years by this point she’s actually a bit older than that.  She doesn’t have much program or storage memory to begin with and it’s true that i’ve packed her with various programs over the years, so i know she’s probably reaching the end of her lifespan even tho’ she still works pretty well. I…

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