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Seattle quick recommendations

In town for 2 days before leaving for WisCon and looking for food/drink suggestions?  Here are the handful of places downtown i can vouch for. sake Sake Nomi [Pioneer Square]  The place to go for sake in Seattle.  Johnnie doesn’t serve food (“nomi” means “only”), but he’s really cool about people bringing in food from outside (because who wants to drink on an empty stomach?).  There are daily tastings, which cost $5 — the cost is then waived if you make another purchase.  Bottles for…

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losing my head over cherry blossoms {slides}

Years ago i worked in the UW’s Registration Office.  Every spring, i’d get parents who’d ask, toward the end of the conversation, “And are the cherry blossoms out yet??”  Every spring!  Over and over, the same question!!  I didn’t work anywhere near where the cherry blossoms are on campus so i had no idea.  Moreover, who cares if there are cherry trees blooming on campus??  I love blooming trees, don’t get me wrong, but come on. Then i switched jobs to an office that was…

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