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‘Mahogany’ (Gordy, Berry. 1975.)

Overall “Mahogany” was pretty horrible, unfortunately. What a waste of potential. — wrdnrd (@wrdnrd) October 7, 2013   “Mahogany” is about Tracy, who’s from Chicago’s South Side.  She works in a department store but dreams of becoming a fashion designer — she takes night classes and has a relative, who works in the garment industry, who makes her designs.  Brian’s also from South Side, used to be a lawyer, and now is running for alderman (pretty unsuccessfully) on a platform of trying to help people…

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‘Lady Sings the Blues’ (Furie, Sidney J. 1972.)

There are 2 things that bothered me about “Lady Sings the Blues”.  First, if the Wikipedia article on Billie Holiday is in any way accurate (and i generally estimate bios on Wikipedia to be at least 50% accurate), then the film only gives the barest outline of her life.  For one thing, Billie was married at least once before Louis McKay.  Second, as good as Diana Ross is, i was never once fooled into seeing her as Billie Holiday.  There is just not sufficient resemblance…

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‘Pitch Perfect’ (Moore, Jason. 2012.)

I picked this up because Mimi Thi Nguyen recommended it to me on Twitter1.  And she was not wrong. It’s about college acapella groups, focusing on the Barden Bellas who are trying to win nationals after an unfortunate projectile vomit episode at last year’s competition.  The Bellas aren’t respected by the Treblemakers (the other premier acapella group on campus) and are down to only 2 members.  Beca is a freshman who doesn’t want to be at college, wants to be in LA mixing music, and…

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