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parkour shadow [+photo]

Last Sunday, i finally bought a bike helmet to replace the one i had to throw away when we were moving.  (It turns out that bike helmets have a life span, even if you never have an accident!)  I persuaded Andy to accompany me on a trek to the UW campus — pretty easily persuaded, when i asked him if he wanted to try doing some very light1 parkour in Red Square.  So i biked over and he jogged a bit and we met in…

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Andy at 20 — long hair, goatee [+photo]

When Andy and i visited friends in Boston last September, i mentioned at one point that Andy had long hair and a goatee when we met.  Since he’s clean-shaven and close-cropped these days, our friends found it hard to believe. Well.  One finds the most wonderful things when one is packing to move. Behold, Andy at 201: OH, EXCUSE ME.  I have been informed that this picture must also be posted: So sciency.  So sexy.  Tho’, to be fair, i thought lab coats were really,…

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mastering the art of eating Andy’s French cooking

As we planned our 2012 trip to Paris, one thing i was curious about was whether or not we would fall in love with the food. Ohhhhhh, naive Past Wrdnrd. One of our favorite places was Le Potager du Marais, a vegetarian restaurant in the 3me arrondissement.  We went there for dinner one of our 1st nights Paris, then we went back again once joined us on our second weekend. Our other favorite place, which, alas!, we were not able to return to, was this…

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