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linkroll: understanding Fukushima & other nuclear power disasters

I have been glued to the internet since last week as i try to keep updated on what’s going on with the Fukushima nuclear power plant.  I grew up in Central Pennsylvania and was deeply impacted by Three Mile Island.  Here are the resources i’ve been hitting up: @makiwi — Makiko Itoh on Twitter.  A private individual who’s fluent in Japanese and English, Maki has been providing translations from Japanese news sources and press conferences since the earthquake and tsunami. @pdfguru — Max Wyss.  Private…

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Fact-check those star charts!

ZOMG, the zodiac is changing!  Or it isn’t!  Because: Unlike the scientists who did not check their facts, we went straight to astrology expert Jeff Jawer to clean up this cosmic clutter and explain what really is going on.  [“Cosmic Alert! Is Your Zodiac Sign Wrong?“] LOL.  Silly scientists not checking their facts.  About astrology.  That totally fact-based science!

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