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the great @lizhenry on WisCon Dudes

Andy and i were discussing Yet Another Heinous WisCon Situation tonight.  He ultimately exclaimed, “What is it with certain WisCon conversations where A Dude seems to always think he knows better??” “Well,” i said, “it’s exactly like Liz Henry said during the convention….” Oh i’m in the presence of greatness i think i’ll open my fool mouth “So Many WisCon Dudes” <— why why why — Liz Henry (@lizhenry) May 25, 2014 I need this to be a sticker that i can affix to my…

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WisCon class panels & labor unions

I’ve long been troubled by certain class panels at WisCon that seem to get bogged down with only wanting to talk about labor unions in the U.S.  While working on some Friends of Dennis -related stuff last night, i was suddenly struck with why: Have just realized what bugs me so much about WisCon class panels that get stalled w/ people wanting to just talk about unions. [1/6] — wrdnrd (@wrdnrd) May 31, 2014 In my experience (born 1972), union jobs are a LUXURY. Yeah,…

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for the #DiversityInSff hashtag — book recs

Today Twitter has been hopping with the #DiversityInSff hashtag.  It’s been interesting and useful conversation — check it out! When i saw people asking for book recs, i braindumped all the useful awards lists i could think of: SFF by women: (via @broaduniverse) #DiversityInSff — wrdnrd (@wrdnrd) September 4, 2013   SFF by writers of color: (via @carlbrandon) #DiversityInSff — wrdnrd (@wrdnrd) September 4, 2013   SFF that expands our understanding of gender: (look at lists under “Award” tab) (via Tiptree .org)…

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