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2nd day of ‘pidgin & creole languages’ class

Instructor:  “And i hope you find the class interesting.  I’m never quite sure of everyone’s reasons for taking the class, and i just hope they find something that interests them.” Me:  “I’m really interested in the tensions of how societies and cultures contact and conflict, and i think looking at how language responds to that is very interesting.” Instructor:  “Yes, yes, that’s exactly what draws me to studying pidgins and creoles, too!” Me:  [bursts into a million sunshine sparkles]

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gendered email sign-offs? {link/ranting}

Kisses and Hugs in the Office – Jessica Bennett and Rachel Simmons – The Atlantic. This essay looks at the use of “xo” as an email sign-off in professional settings.  It starts by asking if it’s professional at all, and then slides into discussing the gender of who’s using it — because it’s mostly women, and of course that leads to a rant asking “Why, after all the strides we’ve made to be taken seriously at work, must we end our e?mails with the digital…

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