tweaks: Twitter, mobile, Sociable

I made a few more website tweaks today.  Alas, getting OpenID to work as a login for comments was not one of them.  :( Here’s what i did accomplish.

1)  Yes, i’ve joined the ranks of irritating Twitter users who import their tweets to their blog.  I only want to do this so i have a searchable archive of my own tweets and not because i think they’ll make a scintillating addition to my blog content.  To that end:

a)  I’m keeping them off the front page.  You’ll still see them in the previous/next links as you navigate individual blog posts.

b)  I’ve created a sexy Twitter-free RSS feed for those of you following the feed who don’t want the Twitter crap.  (Apologies to people following the feed who saw my 2 recent Twitter imports before i got this updated feed URL working.)  I’ve also put in a support ticket at Dreamwidth to have the feed over there updated to the non-Twitter feed.  Here’s the URL so you can update your feed reader:

2)  I added a plugin that creates a mobile-friendly version of the blog.  Let me know if you encounter any problems with it!

3)  I added the Sociable plugin.  Uh, just ’cause.

2 thoughts on “tweaks: Twitter, mobile, Sociable”

    1. I’ll admit i was mostly thinking of you when i whipped up the Twitter-free feed URL. “Hmmm, i want to import Twitter, but johanna will kill me….” ;D

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