it’s like there’s an alarm clock in my brain

I find it a little alarming just how predictably my brain feels more alert, capable, and up-beat at 10am every single day.  Almost without fail.  There have been days when i could even totally tell it was around 10am just because suddenly i felt myself emerge from my morning haze.

I’m super grateful right now that i have a boss who is exactly the same way.  He’s even commented that his brain wake-up time is at about 10am just like mine.

I think [personal profile] raanve‘s brain wake-up is also 10am — yet another freakish coincidence that further solidifies our twin-ness.

In short, please don’t ask me to do anything, or ask me how i am, or, in fact, attempt any sort of significant interaction with me before 10am.  No matter the time zone, no matter where i am in the world.  If it’s before 10am Wrdnrd Local Time, just leave me be.  You won’t regret it.  :p

One thought on “it’s like there’s an alarm clock in my brain”

  1. Yes, my brain wake up time is totally 10 am. This used to make things reasonably entertaining, because while I worked coffee I realized that I could be entirely competent at my job without being quite fully conscious — waking up at 10a after being at work since 5a is a strange sensation.

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