I find it a little alarming just how predictably my brain feels more alert, capable, and up-beat at 10am every single day.  Almost without fail.  There have been days when i could even totally tell it was around 10am just because suddenly i felt myself emerge from my morning haze.

I’m super grateful right now that i have a boss who is exactly the same way.  He’s even commented that his brain wake-up time is at about 10am just like mine.

I think [personal profile] raanve‘s brain wake-up is also 10am — yet another freakish coincidence that further solidifies our twin-ness.

In short, please don’t ask me to do anything, or ask me how i am, or, in fact, attempt any sort of significant interaction with me before 10am.  No matter the time zone, no matter where i am in the world.  If it’s before 10am Wrdnrd Local Time, just leave me be.  You won’t regret it.  :p

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