‘The Girl Who Leapt Through Time’ (Hosoda, Mamoru. 2006.)

This is another movie Andy and i both enjoyed the 1st time we watched it.  I was thinking of buying a copy (i am, as you may have guessed, a sucker for time-travel stories), but Andy wanted to re-watch it before investing (or wasting) money.

The basic premise is that Makoto Konno, a high school student, discovers that she has the ability to leap backwards in time.  My favorite line is when Makoto’s “Auntie Witch” remarks that it’s common for girls of that age to discover that they can time-travel — it happened to Auntie Witch herself.  Unfortunately, this turns out not to be the case, and both times i’ve watched this movie i’ve spent the entire rest of the film feeling deeply, deeply betrayed.  Could someone please write me a story about a world where young women have the ability to time-travel in their middle teens???

What i really love is that Makoto does pretty much what i’d expect of a mid-teen girl who discovers she has the ability to time-travel.  She uses it to improve things for herself when she’s had “the worst day of her life.”  She uses it for frivolous things, such as eating the pudding she’d set aside for herself but that her parents gave to her younger sister.  I also kind of love that she uses it to get out of having a conversation with one of her best (male) friends when she discovers that he’s asking her out.

It goes on amusingly like this for a little while, and then Makoto starts to discover how all of her time-traveling is affecting everyone around her.  She starts having to go back to fix circumstances that result from her previous “fixes.”

We do, toward the end, discover really why Makoto has the ability to time-travel.  And it makes for a sweet ending that i really like.

Andy nitpicked the final bit of time travel.  I’m not entirely certain i agree with his logic, and in retrospect i want to apply his logic to the rest of the time travel in all of the movie.  So i guess this means that i, at least, want to watch this movie again.  No report yet on whether Andy would like to re-watch it, or if we’ll eventually buy a copy or just re-rent it to engage in a little time-travel nitpicking.

I did really enjoy this movie, and am happily recommending it to you if you like anime and time travel.

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