he might not be bulletproof, but he heals REALLY well

Edward the Medical Adventure Cat had his follow-up exam today.  NOT!  CANCER!!  The vet said, “Edward continues to surprise us!”  Apparently the tumor was just some weird, possibly allergy-related … thing.  The vet’s only concern was whether the incision had healed properly, because he had to take so much out in order to get all of the tumor that there wasn’t quite enough skin left to stitch together.  But Edward had healed remarkably well — the vet had to leave in one little stitch that Ed will return again in 2 weeks to have fully removed.

Huzzah the cat!

5 thoughts on “he might not be bulletproof, but he heals REALLY well”

  1. Hurrah Ed!

    Unfortunately, he’s passed on the cone of shame to Lily for the next fortnight.

  2. Lily’s taking to the cone much better than Hero ever did, but I want to ask if Ed eventually learned how to navigate around the house without getting caught on things all the time. Lily can move around and isn’t getting stuck or in need of rescue, but she still doesn’t seem to have any sense of the cone as part of her like a person would and I’m wondering if she will or not.

    1. I don’t think he really did. We did keep him confined to the bedroom to prevent him from getting into too much trouble while we were at work. And he did figure out how to get *some* food and water with the cone on. But for the most part he would wait for his cone-free time at night to get food and water and to use the litter box (because he couldn’t clean himself with the cone on).

      For the most part he stayed out of trouble by virtue of the fact that he’d crash out depressed and demoralized on the bed. Even in the later part of the 2nd/final week with the cone, when he would move around he was still getting the cone caught on things because he’d walk too close. For example, he got caught on the drawer handles of Andy’s dresser a couple of times because he’d walk too close with the cone.

      Poor Lilybun. Skritches and sympathy!

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