lemon harvest {slide}


I bought an improved Meyer lemon tree back in the spring. This is what it’s produced for its 1st harvest — about 1.7 pounds of lemons of various sizes. I didn’t want to pull them all off at once, but it seemed like the best thing to do since i wanted to wipe down the whole tree to deal with some bug problem it’s been having. UGH.

2 thoughts on “lemon harvest {slide}”

  1. Wow – Beautiful! Did you cook with, slice and preserve in sugar, eat, share with others…?!?
    We actually have folks in town who grow citrus, which surprises me of the little-to-none fruit-growing knowledge.

    1. Well, um, haven’t done nothin’ with them yet — they’re still neatly piled up on the little china saucer as pictured above. Probably i’ll try to slice and freeze several. Andy’s also promised to look up delicious lemon recipes. We’ll see.

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