zine cataloging backlog {slide}

zine cataloging backlog

So i may have fallen a little behind in cataloging my incoming zines.  What pushed me over the edge into organizing everything so that the cataloger (aka [personal profile] the_andy) can get to cataloging was finding my stack of zines from Portland Zine Symposium … 2011.  [facepalm]  OOPS.  Most of which i’d already read because i’ve usually read all my new zines by the time the train gets back into Seattle post-Symposium.  BUT STILL.  These things need to be cataloged so that (a) they can be neatly shelved instead of floating around the apartment, and (b) i don’t keep buying duplicates, which i tend to do if my zine database isn’t updated.

Also!  Once my zines are cataloged and duplicates (inevitably) pruned, then i can send a stack up to ZAPP and contribute to their cataloging backlog.  Maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh.