mastering the art of eating Andy’s French cooking

As we planned our 2012 trip to Paris, one thing i was curious about was whether or not we would fall in love with the food.

Ohhhhhh, naive Past Wrdnrd.

One of our favorite places was Le Potager du Marais, a vegetarian restaurant in the 3me arrondissement.  We went there for dinner one of our 1st nights Paris, then we went back again once [personal profile] littlebutfierce joined us on our second weekend.

Our other favorite place, which, alas!, we were not able to return to, was this little cafe just across from the station Rambuteau — called, conveniently enough, Le Station Rambuteau.  This is where we both fell head over heels for French cuisine.  We enjoyed escargots — a 1st for both of us — and some boeuf bourgogne.

This past autumn, i was craving boeuf bourgogne so we decided to pick up Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking and make some boeuf bourgogne for Christmas dinner.  This was not a mistake.  We’ve since made a couple of recipes out of it, and basically i just want to keep track of them which, of course, makes me turn again to my blog — my external hard drive for my personal memories.

cafe in Paris: Le Station Rambuteau

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  1. It was a shame we didn’t make it back. It was such a good find the first time – wasn’t that after we looked at a place you were interested in and found it too fancy? Anyway, this was the perfect sort of relaxed place to waste away a warm summer evening at.

    1. Yes, this was the perfect find that night, because the place i was interested in was much better suited to brunch — too fancy for dinner, and i was a bit intimidated by the menu being entirely in French. So then we walked and walked and walked and i was getting hungry and irritable. So glad we chose this place, which, absolutely, was perfect for just sitting and people-watching on a summer evening. Good thing that’s all we wanted to do, considering it took an hour to get the bill. ;) I’m still sad we didn’t get to go back. Maybe if we get to Paris again.

  2. I made boeuf bourgogne for the first time a few months ago after a friend found a recipe for a slow cooker. But I couldn’t find pearl onions at PCC or Fred Meyer! Very weird.

    1. It took me forever to find pearl onions (or something close to them). And of course, now I don’t remember where I eventually did find them. Either the big QFC in U Village or Whole Foods I imagine.

      1. Um, possibly this is because i’m the one who found them? In a mesh bag tucked way-too-cleverly on the display above the onions in the produce section of the Fremont PCC.

        1. Your onion-fu is clearly superior to mine, although this also proves that I should have just asked somebody there.

          1. I don’t think there were very many there — you musta come in after us!

            How was it from a slow cooker? I think the only thing better than boeuf bourgogne would be boeuf bourgogne that one didn’t have to watch on the stove all afternoon and was simply ready when you got home from work.

            1. I thought it turned out extremely well, even without the pearl onions. Very tasty, indeed. One part of the recipe, as I recall, is that you marinate mushrooms in burgundy while the rest of it is slow-cooking and then add the mushrooms and wine at the end. Mmmmmmmmmm.

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