‘Fast Five’ (Lin, Justin. 2011.)

I didn’t know a movie could be more perfect than “Hot Fuzz”, but apparently if you add The Rock + Vin Diesel you can actually equal the awesome of Timothy Dalton.

me:  “Andy, does math really work that way?  Maybe i shouldn’t have flunked all those math classes in high school.  I guess they don’t get to this until you get to the really advanced stuff.”

Andy:  “If only Timothy Dalton could be the villain in a future ‘Fast & Furious’ movie.”

me:  [dies]

In conclusion, if Sparkymonster tells you to watch a movie, you watch that movie.

3 thoughts on “‘Fast Five’ (Lin, Justin. 2011.)”

  1. I really need to see Fast Five. I’ve seen all the others (I am a sucker for films with chases and explosions and pretty people driving fast), but not this one.

    1. This is the only Fast & Furious movie we’ve seen, and i am not ashamed to admit that i am now a little interested in going back to watch the others.

      I, being a little tipsy, initially typed “Fast & Curious”, and now i want to know what THAT movie would be about.

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