‘This is about as creative as spit!’

June 2nd is usually a day of tense, puppy-dog-quivering excitement.  “What will happen on the 3rd??  Will it be quietly nice?  Will it be really pretty great??  OMG, i can’t wait to find out!!”  And then june 4th is one long day of crushing disappointment, coupled with the knowledge that there are 364 lonnnnnnng days to contemplate why the 3rd sucked again and how it will no doubt suck again next year.  Ho hum.

This year, june 3rd is actually going to be one of those birthdays i tend to like most:  I’ll be too freakin’ busy with and distracted by schoolwork to really notice my birthday.  The same thing happened when i turned 21 and it was actually kinda awesome.  I was taking a summer class that year and my birthday wound up falling on the day before the course final.  Since i knew i’d be consumed for the entire rest of the day with preparing for the final, i treated myself to some of my favorite things on campus in the hour or 2 right after class ended.  I bought my favorite lunch at my favorite campus eatery.  I sat in the little wooded area next to my usual dorm (not open for the summer, alas).  I checked my email one last time in the science center before they shut access for the summer.

And then, as a bonus treat, as i was leaving the computer lab i bumped into my roommate1 and her cousin.  They’d driven 2 hours across the state just to surprise me for my birthday.  It was lovely!  We hung out and probably got ice cream or something before they drove back home and i started studying.  When i got back to my room to study, my summer school roommate surprised me with a birthday card in which she’d inscribed my summer class prof’s favorite critique of our photography: “This is about as creative as spit!!”

This year?  I’m finishing up my pidgins/creoles class and have a massive project due.  I’ve been drowning in work for that for days and tomorrow is looking to be no different.  In fact, i won’t get a break from this project until noon on tuesday, june 11th, when the thing is due (no exceptions! — thank god, a hard, inflexible deadline!!).

Yet another birthday that’s about as creative as spit.  But, frankly, i’m coming to actually crave that in a birthday.  No expectations, no disappointments.

Happy 41, i guess.

  1. Not my summer school roommate, but my beloved rest-of-the-year roommate []

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  1. Belated happy birthday to you, you young person, you. (Van J. was just in for a visit on his birthday recently. He turned, hm, 72 I think. Maybe 74. His big plan for the day was to mow his lawn.)

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