music ‘corner’ {slide}

music 'corner' -- piano, other instruments on the wall

I’ve been wanting to arrange the music “corner” something like this for years.  Finally decided to get the shelves to do it, only to have the project spiral into ~3 weekends for various reasons.  Really nice to also have that artwork up on the wall as well.  This wall has been 1 giant white/cream blank spot since we moved in here 10 years ago.

On the shelves on the left:  phonograph, (small) collection of vinyl albums.  On the top shelf on the wall: harp, bongo, collection of recorders/tin whistles/various small wind instruments; 1 maraca.  On the lower wall shelf: antique xylophone (black case), my student flute (brown case).  Hanging in the middle is my backpacking guitar, which i kept forgetting i had because it was packed in its bag and tucked behind all this other stuff when i stored it all on the piano.  The 4 prints on the right are by Juli Adams.  The print in the middle is a Japanese print that Andy’s had for awhile.

(Apologies for the picture being a little dark and murky.  My phone seems to be dying.  Yay.)

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