a collection of too-small pencils {slide}

too many too-small pencils, too little will to throw them away

I love pencils, but what do you do with them when they get this small?  Right now the smallest still rests against against my index finger knuckle when i write, but each of these pencils is starting to get a little uncomfortable to hold.  And i still cannot quite bring myself to throw them away, which is probably how i wound up with 5 of them in this state.

Why hasn’t someone invented a pencil handle that i could fit a shortened pencil into so i can still write with it until it’s down to a nub??

3 thoughts on “a collection of too-small pencils {slide}”

  1. Also, I kept thinking I had seen a pencil holder before, then I realized I was thinking of holders for short carpenter’s pencils, which are definitely a thing.

    1. Oh right!! I didn’t think i was making this sort of thing up — i wonder if Gpa had one or if i’ve seen them among carpentry doodads in hardware stores. Thanks for finding the one you linked above! Looking on Etsy for “pencil holder” just gets me what i’d call a “pencil cup”.

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