my day in a nutshell [+photo]

gold-edged green leaf pin

This pin was Gma Kelly’s.  It’s one of the first things i acquired from her jewelry collection when Gpa Kelly insisted i look it over.

The weekend in Seattle was dismally rainy and very windy.  Yesterday was much calmer and more pleasant.  Today is dreadful again.  I’m wearing a dress i usually like and which i pair with my beloved blue platform shoes; but going to class and back i’m slopping around in knee-high wellington boots, and sitting in the classroom staring at the fabric of this dress i’m coming to the conclusion that that it’s probably time to bid this 20-year-old garment good-bye because it’s too prone to wrinkling and i’m tired of taking 30 minutes to iron it.

Then class is finished1 and i’m wrapping myself up in my scarf layers for the trek across campus in the chilly rain.  And what do i do?

I gash my thumb across the sharp top of this pin.  Not a huge gouge, but it’s bigger than a scratch and it bled and it requires a bandage for the time being.

Just that sort of day where even beloved things scratch you when you’re least expecting it.

  1. Got the midterm back, and it wasn’t great but it wasn’t as horrible as i thought. []

3 thoughts on “my day in a nutshell [+photo]”

  1. When I get home I am going to take a photo of a pin I xstolex permanently borrowed from my mother to show you it is just a different color they could be the same pin yours is prettier but I will be cautious of mine because of your warning

    (today is type like a 6 year old day, right?)

      1. Truly, sent it to cruellestmonth email address about 5 minutes ago!
        I was in a snit because I could not find it right away.

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