a tad warmish [+photo]

a grey-white tuxedo cat stretched out on a tan futon
Fergus, our grey-white tuxedo cat.
a small, brown torbie stretched out on a blue couch
Ilse, our tiny brown torbie cat.

We’ve been having something of a heatwave lately — as these 2 cats are very eager to tell you, sprawled out on their respective couches.   It’s been somewhere in the 80°F-range for so long that i can’t even remember when it started.  The weather app on my phone claims it could be back into the 70°s toward the end of the week, but i’m waiting to see what the forecast is from my good neighbor, the UW’s Atmospheric Sciences Department.

Our new place has fairly good cross breezes if we open all the windows, but we still haven’t succumbed to the lure of air conditioning so this heat has been especially hard the past week for Ilse, our cranky, beloved, little torbie cat.  Heat is hard when you’re a cat, let alone when you’ll be 17 in September.  And earlier this year she had an incredibly robust infection that took 2 multiple-week rounds of antibiotics.  She lost a bit of weight and is down around 5 pounds, with little luck at getting her to eat enough to pack on the pounds again — doubly hard because she’s hyperthyroid.

So this past Tuesday and Wednesday nights found Ilse wandering rather restlessly around the house and howling, howling, howling.  Thursday, we took her into the vet’s just for a check-up.  Bloodwork came back with nothing unusual, but the vet gave her some subcutaneous fluids because, eh, couldn’t hurt.  By the time we were home half-an-hour later, Ilse had, to our relief and moderate surprise, perked right up.  Which is good, because we have a whole IV bag of fluids to give her over the next week.  That, and some appetite stimulant, should help her through this heatwave.