I wish Obamacare covered cats [+photo]

Our at-home IV set-up for heat-sick old lady cats.
Our at-home IV set-up for heat-sick old lady cats.

In case you were wondering what it looks like to have an at-home IV set-up for your cat.  The bag on the right with the fetching chili pepper stickers contains the needles, as well as some treats to reward Miss Ilse for enduring her treatment.

The heatwave has finally broken, but we’re continuing to give her fluids for the next few days just to make sure she’s on the rebound.

This whole subcutaneous fluid rigmarole did result in an unintentionally hilarious conversation with our vet.

vet:  And just bring your needles back and I’ll take care of proper disposal.

Andy:  Oh, don’t worry about it.  Our co-op has a sharps disposal container.

vet:  Oh…kay?  Do you have neighbors with diabetes?

me:  No.  We live in the UDistrict.

vet:  …

me:  We regularly find used needles by the cars, in the front yard.

vet:  …

me:  We also have gloves to wear when cleaning them up.

vet:  Well!  So long as you’re being safe about everything.  And don’t bring your needles back here so i don’t have to pay for disposal!