‘Zatoichi the Outlaw’ (Yamamoto, Satsuo. 1967.)

This is the 16th original Zatoichi movie.  And, GOOD LORD, does it stink.  When we tried to watch it last week, i thought the nonsensical nature of the storyline was simply because i was pretty tipsy and fell asleep half-way thru’.  But no!  “Zatoichi the Outlaw” is just a really horrible caricature of a Zatoichi movie.  They just messed way too much with the tried-and-true formula that had gotten then thru’ 15 movies.

2 thoughts on “‘Zatoichi the Outlaw’ (Yamamoto, Satsuo. 1967.)”

  1. Though 14 is also not that great. Again, because they tried messing with the formula too much.

    1. Yeah, 14 was not enjoyable. I just thought 16 was worse because it was actively, in-my-face BAD. It was almost insulting how bad it was, like, “C’mon, guys, you actually thought i would like that??”

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