you have failed me, grasshopper

The newsletter for our beloved sake bar announced that this weekend’s “sake & cinema” was going to feature Shaolin Grandma.  The title had me excited for all of the 45 seconds it took me to (a) watch the trailer and then (b) quickly google for more information on the movie.

Because, oh god, it looks so very, very terrible.  What a let-down!!  The premise in the title is right in my interest area: grandmas who kick ass!  How could someone waste such potential?!

To salve my wound, let us now discuss actually good kick-ass grandmas in Asian film.

My all-time favorite:  Momoko’s obaasan, from Kamikaze Girls.  Witness:

That insect shouldn't have pissed off Obaasan.

Take that, insect!!

Or, in the category of “kick-ass older lady who is not technically a grandma”:  The Landlady, from Kung Fu Hustle.  My evidence follows.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Yes, she’s kind of getting her ass kicked here.  But note:

  1. The Beast had to win this fight by cheating.
  2. She’s the one with the technique that everyone thought was just a myth1.

Thus leading me to conclude that, Stephen Chow aside2, The Landlady is the biggest badass in this movie.

Comments are open for your suggestions for bad-ass grandmas/older ladies in Asian film, literature, anime, whatever!

  1. Yes yes, it’s screaming — i know.  [sigh] []
  2. Because it’s his movie, so of course he’s going to come out on top. []

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  1. Arguably Jade Fox (Cheng Pei Pei) from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, although she’s a villain. I recently watched a trilogy of films by the Yuen Clan (Miracle Fighters, Drunken Tai Chi, and Taoism Drunkard that all featured kick-ass grandmas, but all played by a man, Yuen Cheung Yan.

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