cast on, cast off

Saw my knitting group thursday night after a 2-month absence and found myself thinking knitting all weekend.  I came up with a few ideas to use up yarn i bought back in the spring when a friend was closing up her spinning business, so tonight i decided to start something1.

I have no earthly idea why i do this to myself.  I almost always have to cast on 2x.  Tonight i thought i was doing pretty well after the 2nd cast-on, except then i discovered i’d picked up a stitch somewhere.  I’m lousy at finding my errors and the project is just some fingerless mitts, so i frogged back to the beginning.  Doing better this 3rd time thru’!  Except now i need to figure out how to CO1 over the gap of the thumb.

At least i got past the M1L, M1R, and M1 problems.  Tho’ it took 2 books and

  1. No, i don’t want to talk about the Clapotis that i still haven’t finished from the Year of Finishing. []

2 thoughts on “cast on, cast off”

    1. Alas, no, i actually found that quite baffling when i looked at it last night. What ultimately helped me was Maggie Righetti’s explanation in “Knitting in Plain English”. I need a lot of hand-holding when i’m knitting. >_< And now i've gone and made this mitt too long, because i thought i'd be clever and add 2 rows. Now to rip back, YAY.

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