Ahhh, Paris, my mid-life crisis

I’ve been wanting to go to Paris for the past 30 years — ever since falling in love with the idea of Paris when i was in 5th grade and we were introduced to the 3 languages my school district taught in middle school so that we could choose which one to study.

I chose French, of course, because it’s what they speak in Paris.  Three years in middle school, 4 years in high school, 1 year at my 1st college.  I almost had enough credits to get a minor in French at my 2nd college, but not quite enough and so i had to drop it in order to graduate1.

And yet, i still haven’t been to France.  But then, kids who are on reduced-price lunch don’t exactly get to go on school trips abroad.  In college i was poor enough for Pell Grants and state need grants, so, y’know, still no traveling abroad.

My father-in-law offered to send Andy and me anywhere in the world for our honeymoon.  I requested Paris.  Andy wanted Japan.  We wound up in Dublin2.

I joked that i wanted to go to Paris for my 40th birthday, because i figured if i were going to have a mid-life crisis i might as well be in Paris for it.  But i have a long history with mediocre-to-awful birthdays and didn’t expect it would really happen.  We managed to pull off a decent birthday celebration last year for me3, however, so Andy surprised me by declaring he was taking me to Paris in 2012 whether i liked it or not.

Blah blah blah, today my boss approved my vacation request for 9 days in Paris this summer.

The basic plan is to fly out of Seattle somewhere around june 21st and return somewhere around the 4th of July.  Since we’ll be in Paris for so long, we’re looking into renting an apartment.

Everything else in between is totally up in the air!  Andy’s submitted a few suggestions/requests4, but everything else is completely up to me.

Please feel free to make suggestions!  Things to do, arondissements to consider when we look for accommodations, restaurants/foods we need to try.  I’ll be making a few posts with specific requests for advice/information, too.

First up:  Anyone know a good sake house in Paris??

  1. Yeah.  That worked well. []
  2. Dublin was absolutely great, tho’!  I could totally see myself living in Dublin, if anyone’s listening who has a job to offer me in Dublin. []
  3. The secret is a weekend of floating from one sake house to another. []
  4. Mostly to do with Dumas in some way, because he’s Andy. []

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  1. Sweet! I haven’t spent a whole lot of time in Paris, although my brother and I spent a few days there in 1980 doing most of the usual tourist stuff. The last time I was there was on a layover between trains. I only had a few hours, but I stopped at a cafe for coffee and a croissant, then climbed the hill to Sacre Coeur. A beautiful sunny day, a beautiful view of Paris, and a Peruvian flute band that I swore I’d just heard in Seattle a couple of weeks before. Magical.

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