Vote! Which button should go on this jacket?

I bought this jacket at Goodwill last summer.  The bottom button was missing when i looked at it in the store (and there were no spare buttons discreetly sewn into any of the inside seams), but i also immediately realized the solution to the problem: the button sewn above the upper left pockt could be moved to the bottom of the placket, and a different, decorative button sewn in its place.

Which created a new problem for me: What fancy button should i use???

I picked up 6 buttons at the Weaving Works as potential candidates.  But i love them all and am now not sure how to make my decision.

So we’ll let the internet make it.  Ha!  Below are the six buttons, each laid out on the jacket in the spot where it will be sewn.  (There are also 2 pics at the end that show the buttons closer up.)  Which one do you think would be best?


5 thoughts on “Vote! Which button should go on this jacket?”

  1. 1 – fancy circle
    2 – brassy button
    just because they seem to match the zipper pull better (and now you know where my type A quirks lie).

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