cabbage, squash, yogurt cheese

Did a very satisfying clean-out of the crisper drawers tonight.

squash:  Andy found a pickling recipe he wanted to try.  He also cut some into rounds, sprinkled them with seasoning, and threw them into the dehydrator.  We’ll see what comes of either of these experiments.  Neither of us particularly care for summer squash, so it’s a race every summer to find ways to use them before they rot.

We still have probably 6 patty-pans to dispense with.  I may succeed in talking Andy into trying squash tamales or burritos or something.  Been looking for an excuse to get him to try tamales for awhile now.

yogurt:  I had 2 jars kicking around the fridge for a little too long, so i set a strainer over a bowl and put it into the fridge.  Should have cheese tomorrow.  May also pick up more milk at the market to make fresh yogurt, and possibly some fresh paneer.  Haven’t done homemade paneer in awhile.

cabbage:  I’m trying my hand at sauerkraut.  Again.  After shredding, had about a pound of cabbage (fresh as of tuesday!) so sprinkled it with a little less than a tablespoon of kosher salt.  Packed it into my crock and weighted it.  We’ll see how this goes.  Every year i try cabbage, and every year i mess it up somehow.

I think next i’ll try turning my cabbage into kimchi.

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  1. I have just this summer discovered paneer through our local farmers market guru, and may or may not have overdone the cheese making almost immediately. We were just hanging ours in cheesecloth in the fridge overnight (and essentially eating it soft with honey and almonds), but reading up I find you can also press it for a firmer cheese? How far do you process your paneer?

    1. I firm ours up overnight by putting a cast iron dutch oven 2/3rds full of water on top of it. Then we eat it in saag paneer — paneer and spinach pan-fried. The recipe Andy’s been using is in Cipher #2 in the very back. IT IS SO. TASTY.

      I’ll see if i can get a good scan of the paneer recipe i use (it has directions for firming it) and email it to you!

      1. Confession: I had to remember the super-secret-safe place I had put all my favorite zines, before I could look up the recipe.

        Saag paneer sounds very tasty!

        And please, yes! When you get a chance, firming instructions would be greatly appreciated.

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