success sometimes smells like burning

Ladies and gentlemen!  Our e-stenciler works!!!  [paroxysm of joy]  Once we’ve sobered up from our celebratory drinking, we’re going to start planning a test run of the mimeo/duplicator.

Rex Rotary 2202 (e-stenciler)
Rex Rotary 2202 (e-stenciler)

*  Today success smells like burning because the stylus actually sparks and burns as it’s making the stencil.

10 thoughts on “success sometimes smells like burning”

    1. That totally looks like an offensive response. Sorry. That was the first text I saw in the picture and it made me boggle.

      1. Pervert. ;D

        It’s “AB Dick ink,” as in “ink made by the AB Dick company.” We thought it only appropriate for our 1st stencil to test e-stenciler using a pamphlet on mimeography put together for the Portland Zine Symposium. The section of the pamphlet shown in the photo is talking about mimeo supplies and where to find them. AB Dick was one of the companies that made mimeos and supplies.

        1. I think it is well established that I am a pervert. :D

          Your response makes sense. I just thought it amusing that what jumped out at me was the word “Dick”.

    1. Don’t be jealous just yet — this is all for naught if we can’t get the duplicator itself to do its thing. We’re supposed to be trying that some time this week. Fingers crossed!

  1. Awesome! I’m shamefully excited for you! I’ll be seeing Jerry and Suzle at the pubmeet this afternoon, and I’ll let them know of this progress. Woot!

    1. It’s kind of silly just how much i’m enjoying playing around with the e-stenciler. When we stopped it the other day, we realized we missed a portion of the original text, so last night we tested finishing an unfinished stencil. Turned out pretty well! You can see where it overlapped a bit, but everything looks readable. Last night we also ran a test stencil of the cover for Cipher #2. It looks alright, but admittedly my cover design is really dark and might not be suitable for printing up mimeo-style.

      We hope to be testing the duplicator some time this week. Gotta read the instructions 1st. ;)

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