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I’ve taken 3 papermaking classes with the wonderful Mary Ashton (via The Weaving Works).  Mary’s a fantastic teacher with a well-equipped paper studio.  She also has a thorough library of papermaking-related books.  Here are the recommendations she’s given out during the 3 classes i’ve taken with her — Introduction to Papermaking, Japanese Papermaking, and Tibetan Papermaking.

Many of these are out-of-print and can be hard to find.  I acquired my copies by regularly checking Powell’s, abebooks, and my local used bookstores.

papermaking — general

Art and Craft of Handmade Paper.  Studley, Vance.  (New York: Dover, 1999.)

Art and Craft of Papermaking.  Dawson, Sophie.  (London: Quarto Publishing, 1992.)

Complete Book of Papermaking.  Asunción, Josep.  (New York: Lark Books, 2001.)

Handmade Paper: A Practical Guide to Oriental and Western Techniques.  Cunning, Sheril.  (Escondido, California: Cunning Enterprises, 1983.)

Paper — Art & Technology.  (San Francisco: World Print Council, 1979.)

Papermaking.  Heller, Jules.  (New York: Watson-Guptill Publications, 1978.)

Papermaking.  Hunter, Dard.  (New York: Dover, 1978.)

Which Paper? Turner, Silvie.  (Design Press, 1992.)

papermaking — general (student suggestion)

Paper Pleasures.  Shannon, Faith.  (New York: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1987.)

papermaking — with plants

Dyeing with Plants in Zimbabwe.  Noy, Ilse.  (Harare, Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe Foundation for Education with Production, 1988.)

Papermaking with Garden Plants and Common Weeds.  Hiebert, Helen.  (North Adams, Massachusetts: Storey Publishing, 2006.)

Plant Fibers for Papermaking.  Bell, Lilian.  (Liliaceae Press, 1981.)

papermaking — with plants (student suggestion)

Art of Papermaking with Plants.  Lorenté, Marie-Jeanne. (New York: W.W. Norton, 2004.)  Caveat: Mary thought this was a good book overall, except for the fact that the author used bleach and lye in all her papers.

papermaking — Japanese

Japanese Papermaking.  Barrett, Timothy.  (Trumbull, Connecticut: Weatherhill, 1984.)

Guide to Japanese Papermking.  Farnsworth, Donald.  (Oakland, California: Magnolia Editions, 1997.)

Liliaceae Press, 1981

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  1. I made paper about 2 decades ago and haven’t done it since. I really enjoyed it though and think about picking it up every once in a while. That thought came up a lot while in Japan. The paper I saw there was orgasmic. (Yes. I meant orgasmic not organic.)

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