Edward v. the lemon tree

This is totally an experiment. I’ve never shot video nor uploaded it to the web!  This was shot on my phone, hence crappy quality.  It’s an .flv file and there should be a Flash player right below this paragraph.  The video’s pretty short — only 12 seconds.  Let me know what you think!  Story behind the video is below the player.

What’s going? Our (moderately huge) orange stripy cat Edward is trying to check out my Meyer lemon tree.  The hilarious part is that he refused to rest his paws on either the edge of the pot or on the dirt.  A fine technique, except that he’s 16 pounds and cannot easily balance all that weight over his 2 hind legs.  He did this for a full 2 minutes while my phone was out of reach and Andy and i could barely keep the laughter in.  I wish i could have shot some longer video, but i think he got wise to our snickering.

5 thoughts on “Edward v. the lemon tree”

    1. He’s such a cutie! I’ll admit that part of the reason i uploaded this to the blog is so i can watch it when i’m having blergh-ish days at work. ;)

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