about (& contact)


I’m Chris. I like words.

Right now:

  • i’m an office assistant (& unofficial proofreader) (Well, i was.  [sigh])
  • i make zines
  • i’ve finished taking a certificate course in editing

I was an English major once upon a time, and if you would like to throw a lot of money at me so i can go back to school to study linguistics i wouldn’t exactly complain about it. Or you could just buy my zines.


Postal mail can be sent to….

Chris Wrdnrd
PO Box 45536
WA 98145-0536

Email can be sent to (this changes from time to time, btw)…

concrud2014 @ wrdnrd . net

the name of the author:

My name is Chris.  You may refer to me as wrdnrd.  If you quote or cite my writing, please call me Chris Wrdnrd.

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