about Chris Wrdnrd:

I’ve been writing since i was about 7 years old: i have a distinct memory from 2nd grade of writing poems, printing them on sheets of paper, and then illustrating them. In 4th grade my friend M….. and i typed up our poems and bound them (with masking tape) into books with cardboard covers — my 1st chapbook! And of course i was always working for the school newspaper or the school literary journal or the school yearbook.

So i’ve always been writing and then wrapping it in paper and sending it out into the world. How could i not grow up to become a zine-maker?

I’ve been involed in the zine community since the 2002 Portland Zine Symposium (for which i sometimes volunteer if time allows). Under the handle wrdnrd i was a regular on the Pander Zine Distro message boards and i currently occasionally post on Live Journal communities (such as zine_scene) and We Make Zines.

I’m involved with the Crabby Media collaborative.

In addition to my own zines (listed below), my writing has appeared in the following (most recent listed 1st):

  • June 2009“The Accidental Zinester,” in “Entry Point” (put together by the fabulous Nicole at Click Clack Distro for International Zine Month).
  • June 2009: “Travels in Parallel Worlds,” in “AmaZed and CorfluZed – PR4 – Regress Report” (available as a free PDF download from eFanzines).
  • Spring 2007: “custom made,” in “Eye Candy Zine”, Spring 2007: Body Love, volume 1. (Written as chris./wrdnrd)

For the purposes of citing my zine-writing or adding my zines to your zine library:

  • My 1st name is Chris; please refer to me as Chris Wrdnrd.
  • For bibliographic citations, please cite me as Wrdnrd, Chris.

My in-print zine:

'Cipher' (#1)
'Cipher' (#1)

Cipher #1

(Written 2007/2008; published may/july 2008.)

In classic Chris style, i spent nearly 2 years on this zine — saying, “Oh, it’ll be done in another month” the whole time. I started plotting and planning it shortly after Paragraph Girl was finished (autumn 2006); started writing it last summer (2007). When did i do layout and copying? Yeah, this year — 2008. I gotta break out of this 1-zine-per-2-years cycle!

This zine includes: 7 articles (plus pro/epilogues), 2 recipes, 1 poem, and as much clip art as paper can hold. I write about figuring out myself, i rant about the women of the Harry Potter universe, and i write about the definitions and etymology of the word “corduroy” (hint: it’s not what you think!). The recipes are for my 2 favorite (non-vegan) cookies.

My out-of-print zine:

'Paragraph Girl' (#0)
'Paragraph Girl' (#0)

The Everyday Adventures & Scribbled Memoirs of Paragraph Girl #0

(Written 2004; published august 2008.)

Paragraph Girl was supposed to be a per/litzine. It’s (one of) the zine(s) i was inspired to do by the 2002 Portland Zine Symposium. I’m no longer doing Paragraph Girl and consider the entire project to be on indefinite hiatus. I issued it as a sort of one-shot, but called it issue #0 to leave open the possibility that some day i could come back to it.

This zine includes: 7 articles (plus pro/epilogues), 4 recipes, 1 poem, and lots of Dover clip art. I pretty much stick to exploring 2 themes — my love of words/language/books and where i live (apartment/city).

In 2008 i sold out of my last few copies and i found that i simply had no more patience for dealing with the nightmare that was photocopying this zine. Thus my beloved little Paragraph Girl is out-of-print.