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vid: Utena & ‘Princes of the Universe’ (& total eclipse of the Utena?)

“Revolutionary Girl Utena” + “Princes of the Universe” = Best Thing Ever?? YES. Also: Listen. All i ask for is an Utena fanvid set to “Total Eclipse of the Heart”. It’s all Making Light’s fault. But you watch that video and then tell me that Avram’s wrong. Woman in a private school where things are going strange and nonsensical around her? Pretty boys doing inexplicable things? Sword fighting? Banquet scene? Oh, yes. It must happen. Someone get on that — i have no vidding skills.…

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Z! Zines! B! BBC!

Thought this might be of interest to some on my friendslist. (Via the Zineplosion board.) Zines on BBC4… Zine Scene (1/2) 15 January 2008 Tuesday 15 January 2008 11:30-12:00 (Radio 4 FM) Jarvis Cocker explores the history of fanzines, small publications designed and produced by devotees of popular phenomena. With the help of fanzine makers, collectors and experts, including Roger Sabin, Teal Triggs, Jon Savage and John Robb, Jarvis discovers the origin of fanzines in science fiction, long before the explosion of home-made fanzines during…

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