what remains on the desk [+photo] #IntoTheWest
chris. | 2 July 2014 | 6:48 pm | wrdnrd | Only Pings

So.  We’re moving.  Really, officially, finally after 2 months of banking hell12.  There are so many posts i want to blog right now, but all my mental energy is going toward not losing my mind while we clean and pack up the apartment.

For now, here’s a picture of what’s left on my desk (a zone that’s usually a chaos of papers and overdue library books):

objects left on my desk prior to moving

What’s significant enough in my life right now that i want to pack it myself so it doesn’t get lost in a sea of boxes over the next few weeks?  Friends of Dennis stuff, my WordPress book (because i need to work on the FoD website), and my books for syntax class.  Also the flowchart of how we’re dealing with our possessions (e.g., pack vs. get rid of), advice from a friend on picking a new broadband service, my clipboard with my To Do list, and a graphical representation of my current mood.

Since we’re moving a little west of where we are now, i’ve been hashtagging my Twitter gripes as #IntoTheWest.  Fun for everyone!

  1. FUCK banks, man. []
  2. Do NOT even come at me about credit unions, unless you WANT me to rant at you for 30 minutes solid. []
Andy at 20 — long hair, goatee [+photo]
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When Andy and i visited friends in Boston last September, i mentioned at one point that Andy had long hair and a goatee when we met.  Since he’s clean-shaven and close-cropped these days, our friends found it hard to believe.

Well.  One finds the most wonderful things when one is packing to move.

Behold, Andy at 201:

20-year-old white cutie with long, dark hair & a goatee

OH, EXCUSE ME.  I have been informed that this picture must also be posted:

cute white guy in a lab coat doing science

So sciency.  So sexy.  Tho’, to be fair, i thought lab coats were really, really sexy until i met an actual real life working lab coat.  A lab coat that’s been used for actual science is, as you can see from Andy’s sleeve, fucking nasty.  We still haven’t gotten rid of his lab coat, because i’m not sure what proper hazmat disposal would be.

  1. He’s 35 right now.  SO OLD. []
a ‘keep calm’ meme that didn’t make me rageful [+photo]
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sandwich board reading 'Keep Calm & Study On' on UW campus

white anarchist punk bros
chris. | 6 June 2014 | 9:42 pm | collected rants | Only Pings

Another great day on Twitter:

And then [personal profile] littlebutfierce brought me to tears of laughter with this horrible reminder:

I used to have a WordPress plugin that would archive my tweets daily, and i really miss that.  Putting this series here for posterity.

“White anarchist punk bros, GET THEE BEHIND ME” is my new rallying cry.

the great @lizhenry on WisCon Dudes
chris. | 2 June 2014 | 9:54 pm | (deconstructing) sexism | 2 Comments

Andy and i were discussing Yet Another Heinous WisCon Situation tonight.  He ultimately exclaimed, “What is it with certain WisCon conversations where A Dude seems to always think he knows better??”

“Well,” i said, “it’s exactly like Liz Henry said during the convention….”

I need this to be a sticker that i can affix to my laptop, my notebook, my WisCon badge holder, dudes’s mouths….

1st Japanese cucumber of the season [+photo]
chris. | 2 June 2014 | 12:13 pm | (garden) 2014, Upstairs Farm | Only Pings

I’m impressed.  I bought this plant as a start from a farmer at the market about 3 weeks ago.  By the time i left for WisCon (about 2 weeks ago) it had this tiny little fruit on it.  While i was gone we had cool, rainy weather.  Since i’ve been back we’ve had warm, sunny weather.  Apparently this is how you make a little cucumbers into big ones.  And i have at least 2 more blossoms turning into little cucumbers already.