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Summer Sunday afternoon tea [+photo]

Years ago — a decade or more — my beloved twin gifted me with a set of pretty teacup covers to use when taking tea outdoors. I rarely had a chance to use them for a long time.  Our first apartment had a balcony of decent size, but we had little enough furniture for the apartment let alone furniture for the deck. Our second apartment had a balcony that was either an okay size for my garden or an okay size for a cafe table…

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I wish Obamacare covered cats [+photo]

In case you were wondering what it looks like to have an at-home IV set-up for your cat.  The bag on the right with the fetching chili pepper stickers contains the needles, as well as some treats to reward Miss Ilse for enduring her treatment. The heatwave has finally broken, but we’re continuing to give her fluids for the next few days just to make sure she’s on the rebound. This whole subcutaneous fluid rigmarole did result in an unintentionally hilarious conversation with our vet.…

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a tad warmish [+photo]

We’ve been having something of a heatwave lately — as these 2 cats are very eager to tell you, sprawled out on their respective couches.   It’s been somewhere in the 80°F-range for so long that i can’t even remember when it started.  The weather app on my phone claims it could be back into the 70°s toward the end of the week, but i’m waiting to see what the forecast is from my good neighbor, the UW’s Atmospheric Sciences Department. Our new place has…

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