our 20 pounds of potatoes

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About a year ago i had to send Andy to the farmers market without me one saturday.  After showing me that he had gotten everything on the list, he added, “But i passed up the 20-pound box of potatoes.”  So it only goes to show that you can’t trust Andy to do the farmers market entirely by himself.  We went back the next week and got the box.

This year there was no question about it: We got the 20-pound box during my epic 3-trips-in-one-day, “stock up before the market’s closed 2 saturdays in a row” marketing the saturday before Christmas.

20-pound box of potatoes
20-pound box of potatoes

The box is filled with medium-small-ish yukon gold potatoes.  Based on our experience last year, this should last us almost 3 full months.  And while the last handful of potatoes will be getting a little soft and wrinkly (and i might wind up using them as starts for my own potatoes), we will nevertheless consume all of them1.

Andy made a passing comment a few days ago that we should document how we use up the potatoes.  And isn’t that what a blog is for??

  1. We each have significants amount of Irish in our genetic makeups, but surely our mutual love of potatoes is entirely coincidental. []