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new zine!! or maybe … TWO new zines??

Hooray!!  The big ol’ zine on gender that and i have been working on for the past month is finally ready.  It’s debuting right dang now  at the Crabby Media table at the Portland Zine Symposium.  I am so proud of this zine — it really came together well, writing/thinking-wise and even layout/printing-wise.  Please buy a copy!  Yes, if you’re not in Portland this weekend it will be for sale at the Crabby Media website by the time i go to bed wednesday (8/15) night. …

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recovering from radio silence

Sorry things have been so quiet around here.  From friday night thru’ monday night we watched 5 movies, so i have a backlog of drafts i’ve been needing to finish and push out onto the site.  But then tuesday my hosting provider (the mighty SFF-Net) had serious issues with Verizon and it took pretty much all day for Verizon to finally pull its head out of its ass.  No time for me tuesday night to write here, and then yesterday was a combination of coming…

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tweaks: Twitter, mobile, Sociable

I made a few more website tweaks today.  Alas, getting OpenID to work as a login for comments was not one of them.  :( Here’s what i did accomplish. 1)  Yes, i’ve joined the ranks of irritating Twitter users who import their tweets to their blog.  I only want to do this so i have a searchable archive of my own tweets and not because i think they’ll make a scintillating addition to my blog content.  To that end: a)  I’m keeping them off the…

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