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new zine!! or maybe … TWO new zines??
chris. | 11 August 2012 | 11:43 am | zines | Comments closed

Hooray!!  The big ol’ zine on gender that [personal profile] littlebutfierce and i have been working on for the past month is finally ready.  It’s debuting right dang now  at the Crabby Media table at the Portland Zine Symposium.  I am so proud of this zine — it really came together well, writing/thinking-wise and even layout/printing-wise.  Please buy a copy!  Yes, if you’re not in Portland this weekend it will be for sale at the Crabby Media website by the time i go to bed wednesday (8/15) night.  Just $2 for 38 pages!

'Null & Void' (new zine on gender)

Stylin' in the Crabby Media display (suit)case.

Um….  Also there may be a new Cipher?

Cipher (#3)

Cipher 3-pack!

I was home with a headache one afternoon, and waiting for edits on “Null & Void” to come back from j., so i decided to just write something else entirely.  Andy called it “the nostalgia issue”, but it’s probably more accurate to call it a memory box.  You’ll see why.  It, too, can be yours via the Crabby Media website (later this week), for a slim $1.50.

recovering from radio silence
chris. | 16 December 2010 | 2:22 pm | wrdnrd.net | Comments closed

Sorry things have been so quiet around here.  From friday night thru’ monday night we watched 5 movies, so i have a backlog of drafts i’ve been needing to finish and push out onto the site.  But then tuesday my hosting provider (the mighty SFF-Net) had serious issues with Verizon and it took pretty much all day for Verizon to finally pull its head out of its ass.  No time for me tuesday night to write here, and then yesterday was a combination of coming home early from work to try to nap off a migraine and then nevertheless dragging myself off to ZAPP and a steampunk reading on Capitol Hill.  That was a mistake, as i returned home at 10:30 feeling worse than when i left.

Fortunately, a solid night’s sleep under the kind influence of Excedrin PM seems to have sorted me out, so now i’m about to spam you all with half-a-dozen posts.

tweaks: Twitter, mobile, Sociable
chris. | 28 November 2010 | 2:23 pm | wrdnrd.net | 2 Comments

I made a few more website tweaks today.  Alas, getting OpenID to work as a login for comments was not one of them.  :( Here’s what i did accomplish.

1)  Yes, i’ve joined the ranks of irritating Twitter users who import their tweets to their blog.  I only want to do this so i have a searchable archive of my own tweets and not because i think they’ll make a scintillating addition to my blog content.  To that end:

a)  I’m keeping them off the front page.  You’ll still see them in the previous/next links as you navigate individual blog posts.

b)  I’ve created a sexy Twitter-free RSS feed for those of you following the feed who don’t want the Twitter crap.  (Apologies to people following the feed who saw my 2 recent Twitter imports before i got this updated feed URL working.)  I’ve also put in a support ticket at Dreamwidth to have the wrdnrd.net feed over there updated to the non-Twitter feed.  Here’s the URL so you can update your feed reader: http://www.wrdnrd.net/?feed=rss2&cat=-136

2)  I added a plugin that creates a mobile-friendly version of the blog.  Let me know if you encounter any problems with it!

3)  I added the Sociable plugin.  Uh, just ’cause.

this shit could get dangerous
chris. | 21 November 2010 | 8:42 am | Pigwidgeon, wrdnrd.net | Comments closed

I’ve downloaded a WordPress app for my (antique Windows Mobile) phone. This post is a test to make sure i’ve set it up properly.

If this works, i predict you all are going to get very tired of me in very short order.

Oooh, i can even add pics to my posts with this thing?? [plots]

Edit from desktop computer: Yes, i think this will work nicely.  I’m using moBlog by Sampath.  It’s pretty basic (it has no support for tags, for one thing — least not that i’ve been able to find so far), but the sort of things i have in mind to post when i have the urge to post from my phone about are not going to require elaborate posts with lots of links and pics and whatnot.  So, yes, moBlog should work well for my purposes.

Am also happy that updating my WordPress install plus my Twitter Tools plugin seems to have restored wrdnrd.net’s ability to ping Twitter when a new post goes up.  The RSS feed on Dreamwidth seems to be working out well, too.

I love it when a plan comes together. [/A-Team]

OpenID kind of borked on wrdnrd.net
chris. | 13 January 2010 | 8:55 pm | wrdnrd.net | Comments closed

Update, january 21st: Yes, OpenID was definitely not working in a way that was logical for commenters.  I’m not sure what’s going on, so i’ve disabled it for now.

Well, i thought i was smart and all by adding OpenID as a way of logging in here to leave a comment, but something’s acting wonky.  If you try to use your OpenID on a post, you’ll probably wind up staring at an almost-blank page with a couple lines of code on it.  It actually means your OpenID login was successful, but for i-don’t-know-why you aren’t being returned to the comment page.  If you hit back you’ll get to the comment screen again and can then leave your comment.

I’ll poke at it a bit to see if i can find a solution.  If i can’t, i guess i’ll just have to disable the OpenID plugin.  Sigh.

OpenID & Gravatars
chris. | 30 December 2009 | 3:27 pm | wrdnrd.net | Comments closed

Ok.  If hit all the switches in all the right order, wrdnrd.net should now have both OpenID[1]and Gravatar functionality in the comments.  If you have trouble with either of those here, i suppose you can let me know in the comments on this thread.  I’ll try to do something about it, but, y’know, i’m not a web designer — it took me most of the afternoon just to get them to work in the 1st place.

owl on booksSetting up my own Gravatar does make me think again about creating a more wrdnrd-specific owl icon.  The b/w image of the owl on the books that i’m using currently is from a bookmark i scanned, oh, at least 3 or 4 years ago now.  I like it a lot, but it was only supposed to be temporary!  Plus i feel i should use an image made for me, not one i just repurposed.  Hmm.  Must think on how to do this, since i can’t draw for shit.

[1]  This means you can authenticate yourself here using your, for example, LiveJournal or Dreamwidth account.