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white anarchist punk bros

Another great day on Twitter: Oh, huh, this could be interesting: http://t.co/2qeSRc4OSj “Trying Home: The Rise and Fall of an Anarchist Utopia on Puget Sound” — wrdnrd (@wrdnrd) June 6, 2014 On the one hand, there are bits of anarchism that are actually super appealing to me. [1/2] — wrdnrd (@wrdnrd) June 6, 2014 And on the other hand are the white anarchist punk bros i see at zinefests. [2/2] — wrdnrd (@wrdnrd) June 6, 2014 White anarchist punk bros’ll put you off just about…

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my insightful film critique is not welcome

Talking with Mathew at his birthday party the other week.  He mentioned “Brian’s Song”. me:  “Oh, yeah, hey i finally got around to watching that last autumn.  As the credits rolled at the end i thought to myself, ‘Oh, i see, it’s just “Kamikaze Girls“, but with boys, and with football instead of scooters.’” Mathew:  …  “Well, thanks, now i can never watch ‘Brian’s Song’ again.” Here, i’ll make it up to you!  Have the song from the “Kamikaze Girls” end credits.  :D

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