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Fandom, help me find a thing!

Somehow Andy and i have misplaced our copies of the “Hitchhiker’s Guide” series.  Of all the redundant books we had after we got together, i cannot believe THIS is what we’ve misplaced1.  Andy reports that he knows we have the hardcover of Mostly Harmless, which i think you will agree is not the least bit satisfying. Update!  Since beginning this post we have come across my paperback copy of The Restaurant at the End of the Universe.  At least this means we haven’t lost them…

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planning Paris: leveling up my French

I took French language classes from the time i was 11 until i was about 21.  I never got exactly fluent, and that was all almost 20 years ago anyway, so let’s just say i don’t really speak French but i recognize it when i hear it.  I do strongly feel that if i’m immersed in it again i’ll be able to dog-paddle to keep myself afloat1. But i’d still like to start preparing the language zone of my brain with some French input now. …

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