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reading the referrer log entrails

Kathryn Cramer says (as quoted, with KC’s permission, by raanve): “What my referrer logs tell me is that most of you are college students, some at really good schools.” Here’s my question: So what? Why does it matter that one’s conversational adversaries seem to be college students and at “really good schools”? That statement is making an awful lot of assumptions about: 1) economic background (“really good”) 2) class background (“really good”) 3) educational/academic background (“college students” / “really good schools”) 4) age (“college students”)…

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zine on class!

I thought the discussion the other week planning a possible WisCon panel about class was really interesting and thought-provoking. One of the things that struck me was that a few people commented about not wanting to “have the panel here” in the comment thread. I thought: Why the heck not?? But since the language i tend to articulate in is zine, i thought i’d try putting together a zine about class. As a way to focus discussion at WisCon As a way to expand the…

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