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proposal for a Pugetopolis-area WisCon-inspired book group

About 3-1/2 years ago there was some effort toward starting a WisCon-related book group in the Puget Sound area.  Emails were exchanged, but eventually things just sort of fizzled out.  I blame the ~holidays~. But i’d really like to see this happen!  I came home from WisCon this year rejuvenated and inspired, and despite WisCon’s (current) problems i am still very interested in trying to get a book group inspired by WisCon going.  So let’s try it!! I’m going to make a few concrete proposals…

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boast in rhyming verse {audio}

Back in the spring i saw this amazing post on Tumblr.  The Twitter @ShakespeareSong had attempted Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop”, only to be soundly (and quite correctly!) criticized by Tumblr for not doing it in iambic pentameter, dammit.  So, Tumblr being Tumblr, someone quickly fixed it: These tags I’ll pop, and boast in rhyming verse that what I wear puts swagger in my gait; though twenty shillings have I in my purse, my self-esteem and manhood both inflate when lofty furs I purchase for a cent.…

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why Andy is the cook in our house

We were preparing our grocery list last night. me:  “Should we get more veggie burgers?” Andy:  “You have a hankering for veggie burgers?” me:  “Not especially right now, they’re just handy to have on-hand for when one of us is hungry and we can’t think of anything else to make.  They don’t exactly take up lots of freezer space, and they’re easy to make and are pretty filling.” Andy:  “I suppose we can get a box then.  Tho’ i was kind of thinking of making…

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