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#FannishCV playlist liner notes

Awhile back i started putting together a Spotify playlist of songs from fanvids i like. It might have been right after a WisCon when i wanted to keep the good vibes going. Or maybe it was the year we skipped WisCon. At any rate, listening to the playlist invariably perks me up and helps me power thru’ an afternoon. When recently asked me to share the playlist with her, i realized that Spotify lacked a marginalia feature. Herewith, the annotated companion to my #FannishCV playlist.…

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picspam: space Arthurians

Andy and i have been filling the gap until the next “Doctor Who” series starts by watching oldWho.  There’s probably a longer post or zine article to be written some day about my relationship with Doctor Who, but not today.  Today we are going to write about one of the most awesome of the episodes from the Sylvester McCoy / Seventh Doctor years: “Battlefield.” I’ve not seen “Battlefield” on anyone’s list of “old ‘Doctor Who’ episodes not to miss.”  For the McCoy years i’ve mostly…

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