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1st Japanese cucumber of the season [+photo]
chris. | 2 June 2014 | 12:13 pm | (garden) 2014, Upstairs Farm | Only Pings

I’m impressed.  I bought this plant as a start from a farmer at the market about 3 weeks ago.  By the time i left for WisCon (about 2 weeks ago) it had this tiny little fruit on it.  While i was gone we had cool, rainy weather.  Since i’ve been back we’ve had warm, sunny weather.  Apparently this is how you make a little cucumbers into big ones.  And i have at least 2 more blossoms turning into little cucumbers already.



late night baking post is out of cinnamon
chris. | 5 December 2013 | 10:30 pm | diary | Comments closed

We’re going to a potluck holiday party tomorrow and the dish we were planning to make tonight fell thru’ pretty spectacularly because someone (named Wrdnrd) forgot to look at the ingredient list before 8:55pm and it turns out we’re missing THREE ingredients.  Ooops.  So it’s back to ye olde standby — snickerdoodles.

Just as i’m finishing up the last sheet i realize the cinnamon/sugar mix is getting really thin.  For the last half-dozen cookies it was mostly just sugar, but it wasn’t worth the time and effort to make more cinnamon/sugar mix.  Also, i’m really tired.

me:  “Well, the last few are going to be coated with just sugar, but people can suck it.  …  Oh, that sounds mean.  What would Gordon Ramsay say?”

Andy:  “Gordon Ramsay would say, ‘People can suck it.’”

Did you just assume i’ve never even HEARD of ‘Star Wars’??
chris. | 14 October 2013 | 4:58 pm | culture, diary | Comments closed

I went to a meeting in a coffee shop last night.  When i got to the counter i’d just pulled off my headphones and so still had them around my neck.  For reference purposes, here are my headphones:

luxe headphones (brown 'aviator' style)

They are luxe.  They give great sound and i love the retro-ish aviator style.

So.  I give my order to the person at the cashier, who hands it off to the barista.  As the barista begins my drink, he glances up and notices my headphones.  I usually love conversations about my headphones because people who comment on them tend to love music and so we often wind up chatting about whatever i’m listening to.  Uh, not this time.

barista:  Wow, great headphones!

Me (standard response):  Thanks!  They have great sound quality.

barista:  They remind me of “Star Wars”.

me:  [blank look]  [internally: Um, how?  Is he thinking of Leia's horrible braids in Episode IV???]

barista (interpreting my blank look in the worst possible way):  Y’know, “Star Wars”.  It’s a science fiction film?  Came out in 1977?

me (with “oh no you did NOT” eyebrow deployed & using the driest voice possible):  Yes, of course, i have seen “Star Wars” after all.

barista (warming to his subject):  Yeah, yeah!  So you know what i mean, then.  [I, in fact, do not.]  The tech in “Star Wars” is just … just …  Well, it’s so.  I mean, it’s not very … it’s, oh, what’s the word??  It’s not very…  But you know what i mean.

me:  The tech in “Star Wars” isn’t very futuristic and forward-looking, unlike the tech in “Star Trek”.  The “Star Wars” tech is more backward-looking, more retro/vintage-y.

barista (delighted):  Yeah!  Yeah, exactly!  So, yeah, your headphones are totally like “Star Wars”.

me:  [grabs hot chocolate and flees]

When i told Andy about this, he suggested i should have put the dude in his place by noting i could have seen “Star Wars” in the cinema when it was freaking released, junior.  I mean, i was FIVE, but still.  And i did see it in the cinema when it was re-released shortly before the release of “Empire Strikes Back”.

Of course the barista had no idea that even as we were speaking i was torrenting the de-specialized editions of the original trilogy1, but that fact made this exchange all the more bitter.

On the other hand, i’m kind of excited that this might constitute my 1st in-the-wild sighting of a fake geek boy.  :P

  1. Lord i hope “Star Wars” is done by the time i get home.  Curious to see how long it’s going to take to get Empire and Jedi.  These things are HUGE. []
music ‘corner’ {slide}
chris. | 9 June 2013 | 12:31 pm | diary, favorite things, slide carousel | 1 Comment

music 'corner' -- piano, other instruments on the wall

I’ve been wanting to arrange the music “corner” something like this for years.  Finally decided to get the shelves to do it, only to have the project spiral into ~3 weekends for various reasons.  Really nice to also have that artwork up on the wall as well.  This wall has been 1 giant white/cream blank spot since we moved in here 10 years ago.

On the shelves on the left:  phonograph, (small) collection of vinyl albums.  On the top shelf on the wall: harp, bongo, collection of recorders/tin whistles/various small wind instruments; 1 maraca.  On the lower wall shelf: antique xylophone (black case), my student flute (brown case).  Hanging in the middle is my backpacking guitar, which i kept forgetting i had because it was packed in its bag and tucked behind all this other stuff when i stored it all on the piano.  The 4 prints on the right are by Juli Adams.  The print in the middle is a Japanese print that Andy’s had for awhile.

(Apologies for the picture being a little dark and murky.  My phone seems to be dying.  Yay.)

birthday stripes, birthday shoes {slide}
chris. | 4 June 2013 | 5:38 pm | diary, favorite things | Comments closed

blue stripy tights with blue platform shoes

A pic/slide from yesterday that got all belated because right after taking this it was birthday happy hour, and birthday “buy a bunch of stuff at Walgreen’s”, and birthday takeout from Thai Tom, and then birthday “do a bunch of fuckin’ work on this big class project” (while sipping (birthday) sake).

I really love those shoes.

friday night at the saké bar {slide}
chris. | 31 May 2013 | 7:15 pm | diary, drink, slide carousel | 2 Comments


Everytime someone opens the front door i smell the sea.

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