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Ilse (~1995 -2015) [+photo]

In 2011, our beloved cat Edward died after a very brief but horrifying bout with cancer.  All through the summer we didn’t even speak of getting another cat.  Sometime in early autumn one of us brought it up.  “We’re in no hurry,” we decided, “we’ll see what comes up.  There’s always someone with a hard luck tale.” Near Halloween, we went to see our friend G., who was preparing to move to Japan.  He had 4 cats and had done the 6-month prep work Stateside…

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visualization of a lunch break [+photo]

The wonders of the internet.  On my lunch break, i walked past the local used bookstore.  It had 3 of Edward Tufte‘s books in the window.  I made a beeline inside and asked to put them on hold until the end of the day. Then i tweeted: INTERNET. Found 3 hardcover Edward Tufte books, all pub mid-’90s, for $16/ea. DO I GET THEM?? (@wiredferret?) — wrdnrd (@wrdnrd) July 22, 2015 The answer, less than a minute later, was: @wrdnrd Fuck yes. — Wired Writer (@wiredferret)…

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Summer Sunday afternoon tea [+photo]

Years ago — a decade or more — my beloved twin gifted me with a set of pretty teacup covers to use when taking tea outdoors. I rarely had a chance to use them for a long time.  Our first apartment had a balcony of decent size, but we had little enough furniture for the apartment let alone furniture for the deck. Our second apartment had a balcony that was either an okay size for my garden or an okay size for a cafe table…

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