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for the #DiversityInSff hashtag — book recs

Today Twitter has been hopping with the #DiversityInSff hashtag.  It’s been interesting and useful conversation — check it out! When i saw people asking for book recs, i braindumped all the useful awards lists i could think of: SFF by women: http://t.co/UopsjontRJ (via @broaduniverse) #DiversityInSff — wrdnrd (@wrdnrd) September 4, 2013   SFF by writers of color: http://t.co/Fp3AlekIIf (via @carlbrandon) #DiversityInSff — wrdnrd (@wrdnrd) September 4, 2013   SFF that expands our understanding of gender: http://t.co/yBvZ0fOvem (look at lists under “Award” tab) (via Tiptree .org)…

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readings from the week — 2012-1-14

women on book covers Jim C. Hines: “Striking a Pose (Women and Fantasy Covers)”. A while back, we had a discussion on the blog about the cover art for my princess novels. For the most part, I really like these covers, but they’re not perfect. Now I could talk about the way women are posed in cover art … or I could show you. I opted for the latter, in part because it helped me to understand it better. I expected posing like Danielle to…

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16 tons, & what do you get?

Coal and mining have been on my mind all day since talking about it with raanve earlier today on Twitter.  So here are some links i’ve been mentally collecting over the years. The Last Man on the Mountain.  NPR, 11 august 2011. The story Jess and i were talking about today that got all this in my head all over again.  Jimmy Weekley, 71, says that when he was a kid, there were more than two dozen homes in Pigeonroost Hollow, W.Va. “But right now…

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